Harmony Hearing Center

Dan has a BA in Communication Disorders from CSUN and has specialized in assisted listening devices. He also has a moderate hearing loss himself, so he understands the problems and can relate easily. Dan also has a dispensing license and keeps up to date with all the latest advances.


Nancy has worked in the hearing aid industry for the past 2 decades, over the decades she has placed her fingerprints on thousands of hearing instruments. She feels it is important to get to know who you are and understand your hearing needs, to help you find the right answer for your hearing issues.

Quality Care with Patience & Kindness

Jessica is busy learning the family business, fortunately she already had a caring heart, she has specialized in dealing with insurance companies for 5 years. She keeps the office running like a fine oiled machine, she is a master of scheduling efficiency, and her caring gentle smile is a welcome presence in a time of need. 




We would like you to come in and feel totally comfortable. We believe helping people hear better should not be a high pressured sales pitch. We want you to enjoy the full experience from the Initial Consultation to the 6 Month Follow-ups.

 Harmony Hearing Center