Harmony Hearing Center

“I purchased hearing aids years ago and never wore them. Then I went to Harmony Hearing Center, Nancy worked with me. She explained my hearing loss to me. She explained what the best hearing aids on the market were for me. She showed me which manufacturers got the best hearing aid reviews. Now I feel I’m in control of my hearing loss, it is no longer in control of me!”                       

Robert Keller

   After dawdling with indecision, I finally got up off my duff and high-tailed it over to Harmony Hearing Center for my very first appointment in December, 2006. And … having done so, I couldn’t be happier. Soon after entering the Center, I felt right at home. The warm hospitality is an experience I’ll never forget, and it’s the same on every visit. Hearing Specialist Nancy Bozarth can neither conceal nor restrain her joy in working with people. And, she is exceptional in her chosen field; she is highly competent and displays remarkable passion for her work.
  After Nancy Bozarth takes on your hearing problem, you’ll know you’re in good hands. She is excellent. If you’re anything like me, you’ll feel as though you’ve found a refreshing oasis.
   Before signing off, let me make something perfectly clear: First, before December, 2006 I had never heard of Harmony Hearing Center until my neighbor, ecstatic over her experience there, enthusiastically whipped up my interest. Secondly, nobody at Harmony Hearing Center offered me compensation in any way, shape, or form for writing this endorsement.

Sincerely, Roger Albertson

Quality Care with Patience & Kindness

I went through several aids before I found Nancy...she is more knowledgeable about hearing aids then many audiologists.  I even went to CSUN audiology department and they could not solve my problem. She said the question was not "what are the best hearing aids," it was "what are best hearing aids for me". Thanks to Nancy, she programmed my hearing aids and I can hear clearly again...THANK YOU, Nancy.

Over the last twenty-five years I have been to eight different hearing aid centers in Tucson and the  LA area and the winner is;  Harmony Hearing Center, right here in Simi. If Harmony Hearing Center's decor doesn't affect you by being the most lovely and charming office you have ever been in, then, the owner will. If someone asked me where to buy hearing aids, I would send them to Harmony Hearing Center. Nancy is a professional all the way!