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On this page you will find some useful links on the maintenance and care of your digital hearing aids, we will show some basic hearing aid repair that might save you a trip to your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. We are using different hearing aids in the clips but most hearing devices are similar in the battery placement and wax trap replacement process. We are also happy to announce we are now able to offer rechargeable hearing aids, which can be very beneficial with someone with dexterity & memory issues.

Not all wax traps are the same, BUT they all have the same idea. The most important thing to remember is to get the correct wax trap for your aids. At Harmony Hearing Center, we are happy to help you get the correct traps for your aids. We have most different wax traps on hand, and if we don't have them we can usually get them the next day.

Changing Wax Traps in Your Hearing Aids

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This video shows how to easily insert your new behind-the-ear hearing aid, this product is from Oticon and is an RIC which stands for Receiver-in-Canal. This receiver (speaker) goes in the ear canal instead of coming out of the top of the aid, saving you power and distortion from the distance to the ear drum.

What in the world are all these X's and O's, it looks like a re-make of a country song? We will gladly help you interpret all those X's and O's and help you understand why "I can hear my TV, but I can"t understand it". We will explain the difference of frequencies, and why"I can hear the big ugly birds, but not the little pretty ones".

This is a very helpful video that works with most manufacturers, and most different styles of hearing aids. Most of the manufacturers are now coming out with rechargeable hearing aids. There is four different sizes; 312 (most common), 13 (for larger Behind-the-Ear), 10 (for smaller In-the-Canal), and 675 (for Body Aids & Cochlear Implants).

Understanding Your Audiogram

Changing Batteries in your Hearing Aids

Inserting Your Hearing Aids